Rows of Favors

Bomboniere or Bomboniera, terms that most people are not familiar with. The term used today is Party Favor. The tradition of party favors has been around for centuries. Guests would receive a candied item in a tulle bag, most commonly involving Jordan almonds. These almonds would symbolize fertility, wealth, and a long happy life. In modern day, party favors have gone beyond the nuts and into creative personalized gifts.

Old School Wedding

When you are planning your wedding and budgeting everything, you really have to decide whether party favors are important to you and how much you want to spend on them. When Pinterest was created in 2010, I believe brides and grooms started to explore different artistic options. I see all the different party favors from koozies to flowers, even a deck of cards! Sometimes the smallest details are like the cherry on top. Although being on the venue side, I see the positives and negatives of party favors. Pinterest has created a dynamic for party favors, giving people certain hope about what they will create. Most people choose what idea they want before exploring the costs and then they try to find alternatives to create that same idea and it ends up becoming a mess!

Baking is Hard

Such as desserts, they can turn very ugly, very fast if you are making them. In these pictures, these are clearly made by professionals, so unless you have a true baker in the family I would skip any type of gorgeous design like these.

Dressed up cake pops

The other thing you want to think about is if you have a guest list of let’s say 250 guests and you want every guest to get two cake pops and two pretzels, that is 500 desserts that you and your family have to make! If you are still wanting to go the dessert route and pay too much, this pin is a super cute idea and the cost still isn’t too high. You could do candy or you could even switch it up and make some cookies.

Thank you kisses

I believe one of the biggest negatives of party favors is the items that are not taken get thrown away. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown koozies, customized M&M’s, etc.

Flushing money

The hard things about the party favors is most people don’t know when to grab them or they forget. A wedding day is a full day of activities. By the end of the night, guests have eaten a big meal, drank an average of 4-5 drinks, and danced for a good 3 hours. When they are leaving the venue they look like zombies and have no recognition of those 250 individually wrapped Hershey kisses with your names stickered on the bottom.

An easy way to solve this issue is have your party favors at your ceremony site when your guest are nice and fresh. Or you could even have your DJ keep announcing for people to come and grab their party favors!

All in all, it truly is up to you when it comes to party favors. They have a great meaning and history behind them and if there is room in the budget for those specialty made items go for it! However, don’t freak out when you’ve ordered your bulk order of koozies for your guest count of 250 and you realize you now have 200 left because not every one grabbed one. It’s just going to happen.

Get over it