There are many things that happen on a wedding day and I feel sometimes the importance of the first dance can get overlooked. The first dance at a wedding is a way for the guest of honor, the newly married couple, to open up the dance floor and invite their guests to come on out and join the celebration! And sometimes, it just doesn’t match the rest of the celebration. Thought went into the decor, food, flowers, beverages, and the all-important guest list – so why not put a little more thought into your first dance as newlyweds?!

I won’t be the first one to tell you it’s important to keep your guests entertained and not sitting on the sideline for too long. Nothing can drain the energy from the atmosphere after the grand introduction as Mr. and Mrs. more than a first dance that could be mistaken for an awkward junior high moment!  The goal should be to make sure the first dance is given some thought so it’s an enjoyable part of the celebration.


First Sway

While learning to dance may sound like a huge elaborate deal, it really isn’t. Some of our couples go all in and make a full production of out of their time on the floor, others chose a simple dance which can be just as thoughtful when done correctly.

Let’s face it, wedding planning is stressful, and the thought of dance lessons might seem like just “one more thing” to add to the already overwhelming to-do list. Our couples find their dance lesson time is a chance to focus on themselves, away from the to do list, and just be in love with each other. It’s a much-needed date night!! Learning how to hold each other and dance together teaches another aspect of communication and gives a lifelong activity the couple can continue to enjoy together.

Adult Dance

Adult Dance

While other traditions may change or even no longer are considered a part of the day, we continue to see the first dance at weddings. Whether you opt to make it a full choreographed performance, some social dance steps or keep it to the basic sway with a few turns and a dip, it’s worth taking some lessons. Taking some time to prepare for your first dance give both the bride and groom confidence to make the first step together more enjoyable and your guests will appreciate it!

So put down that to do list, give you and your partner some fun time together, gain some confidence and impress those guests by taking time to learn a few steps. Remember, your first dance doesn’t have to be a huge production unless you want it to be! Below are two couples we helped prepare for their first dance!

Allison & Taylor

James & Newell