Planning a wedding is hectic. This is why there are wedding planners. However, I know that there are some brides out there that just can’t quite squeeze a planner into their budget. Obviously, most brides know what needs to be booked, who has to get paid, and what needs to be ordered. Through all of this chaos, there are crazy important smaller details that always get overlooked.

Transportation. Seems like the simplest thing; yet is always the most stressful part the day of. Everyone wants that party bus with awesome lights or the 40 foot limo. Remember there are 50 something other venues out there with Brides getting married the exact same day. Book your transportation early. When booking your transportation be sure to have an accurate timeline for your driver and be sure to ask for your driver’s name and contact information. If you have multiple drivers for mom, dad, and grandparents. Be sure to really have your ducks in a row.

ducks pushed away

Music. Specifically, the ceremony music. If you have a pianist or harpist no need to worry! If you have a DJ, double-check when they actually start DJ-ing. If you do not have someone playing/dj-ing music for your ceremony and you are using your own music, make sure someone you trust is there to push play! Double triple check you have the right playlist if you are using your phone. I always recommend not using Spotify. Spotify is great for when you are jamming out before you say “I do” not so much for your ceremony. It is highly dependent on Wi-Fi and the buttons can be glitchy. Best bet is to purchase the songs and use a playlist created on iTunes.

Now, not everybody does the whole cake thing. But for those of you that have decided on that 6-layered cake, it’s time to think about who will cut it. Cake companies normally will just come and just drop off your beautiful cake correcting any damages it may have gotten on its field trip to your venue. Through experience, do not pick a family member to cut your cake. Trust me, you do not want that aunt or grandma cutting cake for an hour. Let them enjoy eating not serving it. A simple solution is to ask your caterer to cut your cake. There will most likely be a fee, but please just go for it. Your caterer is a professional and they will get the job done and everyone will be happy. I have actually witnessed a groomsman (after a few drinks) cut the wedding cake… was not pretty.

Cake falling over

Cake Time!

In the end, you do not want these little items stressing you out on your special day. Double check your driver has all your details and is where he/she needs to be. Organize the music for your ceremony. Either go professional or DIY. With DIY be sure to have everything very simple and with someone you trust. And finally let the caterer cut your cake. It will save you the day of!