Everyone knows one of the first things you do when you think about your wedding is ask yourself “what colors do I want to use?” With all the thought to colors you may have overlooked selecting a theme for your wedding. What’s a theme you ask? A theme is essentially the overall look and feel of your wedding. The theme goes way beyond the color palette and is incorporated in every little detail from the invitations, to the venue, even the filters your photographer might use for your photos.

Why is a theme important?

A theme helps you decide on which items you should purchase on the wedding swap online Facebook page and which ones you should definitely skip! Even if there are 100 cute little votive candle holders for only $20! Remember those 20 dollar bills can add up! And instead, you can put it towards another aspect of the wedding you really hold near and dear to your heart – like photography! Besides, who wants a room full of second-hand unused stuff you need to go through after your honeymoon because you went crazy buying anything and everything that “might” work?

Just don’t do it – instead, pick your colors and theme and do your best to stick to it! Listed below are top 5 trending wedding themes mentioned on the most popular online wedding sites, such as The Knot, Wedding Wire and Bridal Guide. We are sure you will see these themes for 2018. Take a look and tell use which theme tugs at the heartstrings for your big day! We’d love to know what you think.

Vintage (or Urban Vintage)

The vintage wedding trend is still going strong! It’s no surprise — there’s just something that feels so romantic and sentimental about adding old-fashioned items and antiques to your wedding decor. Many couples choose to add family heirlooms to their décor, giving a personal touch to their vintage wedding.

If vintage just isn’t doing it for you, but you love the idea, an urban vintage theme may be exactly what you’re looking for. This look is achieved by combining two bold aesthetics — one being “urban industrialism” (think concrete, steel, wood, straight lines, smooth textures) and the other being softer (soft textures like lace, softer flowers like petal flowers, hand-painted details like stationary, china, menu cards embossed or done with calligraphy).

vintage wedding style - reception table decor

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

High Drama – Lots of Dramatic Flair

If you have “over-the-top taste”, this “high drama” theme is the one for you! This trend has gorgeous, eye-catching and unexpected dramatic details that are sure to wow your guests and make you the envy of all your friends!

This is not your average church or backyard wedding. High Drama means dripping in crystals, beads, flowing drapery, feathers, candles, and the like. Giant floral arrangements and hanging elements like crystals, lighting & draping, will really elevate the ambiance. A bunch of candles, hanging chandeliers, and colored LED lighting will enhance the scene as well.

The nice thing about this theme is that you can adjust the level of dramatic flair to work with your personal style & taste, making it a truly versatile theme, plus it works year-round!

high drama wedding style - wedding ceremony

Photo Credit: John Labbe/Created by Preston Bailey


According to BridalGuide.com, another popular theme, probably pinned on your Pinterest boards, is simple and pure romance. From ceremonies softly lit by candlelight to receptions with astonishing crystal chandeliers, this beautiful trend will melt your heart. Romance is a theme we don’t ever see going out of style. It’s for the true lovers of the world.

pure romance - wedding reception

Photo Credit: KT Merry


The definition of whimsical, according to the Webster Dictionary, is resulting from or characterized by whim or caprice; lightly fanciful.

Now, how do you design a whimsical wedding? That’s easy – be creative and don’t be afraid to be edgy. Do you have a favorite childhood cartoon? Think of elements that would tie into that. Create your own rendition of a perfect Cinderella wedding, or if you’re a little quirky go for Alice in Wonderland inspired décor. Maybe you want a circus wedding complete with a real performers exotic animals. There’s no right or wrong way to do this so just have fun with it!

whimsical wedding style - showing real camel during wedding ceremony



Why fix what isn’t broken? We learned this trend is here to stay from The Knot Pro Workshop this year. Skip trendy for timeless and your special day will look perfectly put together and you’ll never worry about looking back at your wedding pictures and immediately knowing what decade your wedding took place! Think light sheer fabrics, tall centerpieces with lush floral arrangements, chair ties and seat covers, rose petals or garland draped across the head table.

Classic weddings are made unique by thoughtful touches, so don’t be afraid to think about which small-but-meaningful items are worthy expressions of you and your partner’s personalities.

So now that you know what a wedding theme is, all you need to do is pick one, stick to it, and relax knowing you didn’t waste money on décor you really didn’t need. And enjoy incorporating your chosen theme into your wedding celebrations!

The OP Ballroom Event Team