Occasionally a new student will come in to the ballroom and insist on learning just one dance. While I don’t recommend this method because it actually takes longer to learn how to social dance learning one dance at a time, if pushed to pick just one dance – I’d have to say choose Swing. In my opinion, Swing dancing is most likely the one dance style you could get through any kind of social events or styles of music. Now, while Swing may be the one dance to choose if you’re determined to learn “just one dance” – there is a lot of variety when it comes to the different types of swing dancing. So word of advice be careful when it comes to swingin’ there’s a lot out there!

One of my personal favorite styles of swing is West Coast Swing. From a business perspective it is highly marketable – it appeals to all ages, goes to a wide variety of music, and is danced in the KC metro area.  Personally, I enjoy the dance because of its potential for creativity and musical expression. I recall going to my first West Coast Swing Convention – I loved the diversity – the people, the music, and the enthusiasm for the dance itself was so contagious. People stayed in the ballroom dancing this dance way past the midnight hour. In the West Coast Swing world, those who manage to stay up into those oh so early morning hours wear those dark circles under their eyes, and blood shot eyes like a badge of courage!

So what’s the downside? If there is a downside, it’s the footwork involved in learning the basic step – it has more weight changes than the more simple swing style. And can take a bit longer to learn. But again, the upside is the versatility and popularity. West Coast Swing can go to all styles of music, including top 40’s, Blues, Funk, Motown, and Country Western. As far as popularity – almost every major city has a West Coast Swing Club! And the dance has now made its way around the world, with many top level professionals traveling the globe teaching West Coast Swing!

So there you have it – the one dance – if you are so certain it has to be just one, West Coast Swing! Enjoy the video below that shows some social West Coast Swing dancing. If it looks fun to you or your curious about learning more come join us this Saturday for our “West Coast Swing Parteee” from 8-10:30pm, which includes a 30 minute beginner lesson at 7:30pm – dance admission is $12 per person. Or just stop in for the free lesson at 7:30 pm and get started on the one and only West Coast Swing!

This is West Coast Swing from Maxence on Vimeo.